Our Services


Title Research and Planning

Surface, Mineral, Drillsite & Unit Runsheets – Digital or Hard Copy Bound. (if desired)

Complete “Title Packages” – Digital or Hard Copy Bound – Either way, our end product is polished and understandable. We strive to illustrate the chain of in a visual way with Flow-Charts that are integrated into our research.

Title Curative – Let us “Cure” those title requirements for you and track our progress “live” online or through your PC/ MAC or mobile device.

We work with proven Title Attorney’s all over the United States when it comes to assuring that the client becomes aware of any potential issues in title and limit curative.

Mineral Ownership Reports and Lease Takeoffs – including Leasehold and HBP. (If applicable)

Royalty Owner Research Reports.

Surface Owner Research Reports.

Asset Management & Marketing

Latitude Resources Asset Management & Marketing services include but are not limited to the following:

– Management of surface and/or mineral estates

– Representation of surface and/or mineral owners

– Assistance with negotiations for related leases and/or agreements

– Monetization and/or marketing of surface, mineral, royalty, and/or non-participating royalty interests

– Maintenance and or monitoring of surface / mineral owner activity

– Verification / auditing of royalty production proceeds


Topographic Renderings

Paper Map Renderings

Aerial Photography including advanced satellite imagery.

Arc Suite Capabilities/ GIS/ Geographix

Live Lease & Production Tracker – Online based system where you can track your lease expirations and leasehold interests as well as integration of existing/new/ or historical production.

Site Acquisition & Site Modeling

Right of way Acquisition/ Assessments/ Permitting

Pipeline Right-of-Way including proposed route mapping.

Road Right-of-Way

Power Transmission Right-of-Way

Communication Site preparation including Cell Tower Acquisition

Exhibit Mapping

AutoCAD Drafting

Surface Maintenance & Negotiation

Drill Site/ Pad Site Acquisition

Damage Settlements & Negotiation

Surface Agreement Acquisition

Water Rights

Salt Water Disposal Well (SWD)

Environmental/ Regulatory Compliance Research & Maintenance.


Acquisition & Divestiture Due Diligence

Digital Divest – Custom Web based company wide integration from land, engineering, geology, and accounting. Integrated Departmental Analysis.

Our tenured A&D team has the ability to look at a company’s portfolio and interpret/ organize in-house files as a third party purchaser.

Maximize margins – minimize marketing costs.

Aggressive Assett Marketing – 75+ combined years of in-house oil and gas experience means we can assist you in any of your marketing needs.

Opportunity Identification/ Deal Screening/ Recommendations.

Land Administration

Lease Files – Digital Archive as well as hardcopy back up.

Right-of-way management – Surface Owner Relations

Division Order Analysis – our Division Order Experts can come behind anyone’s existing title / in house information to maintain division orders.

Lease Purchase Reports (LPR’s) – Processing & Client Delivery.

Partner Files

Prospect files – Archive those old Prospect file boxes! We have the expertise to organize/ polish New and Historical prospect files for safekeeping in a custom digital archive.

Obligation Calendars/ Rentals – Track obligations and Rental Payments in real time.

Opportunity Identification/ Deal Screening/ Recommendations.

Lease Acquisition

Lease Acquisition – With (Web Based) Live Tract Monitoring Capabilities

Oil & Gas Leasing – Let us be take care of your leasing efforts in the client defined Area of Interest (AOI)

Royalty Acquisition

Track Lease Acquisition Process live from your PC/ MAC or Mobile Device.

Lignite  / Coal

Other Minerals

Wind Energy

Seismic Permitting

Negotiating a seismic permit can be challenging – we have the negotiation skills to tackle even the stiffest resistance.